Chongqing City Decided the Amount of Sale Network
Editor:Thunder Dragon Fireworks    Jan 6,2007

On December 30, News from the office of Chongqing City Fireworks Display, the fireworks sale networks for the forthcoming spring festival have been decided, there are 1587 sale stands in 8 districts,the amount will be equal with last year.

About Chongqing City:
Chongqing is said to be the semi-mythical State of Ba that began in 11th century BC, when the Ba people began living here until they were destroyed by the State of Qin in 316 BC. The Qin emperor ordered a new city to be constructed, called Jiang and Chu Prefecture.

In 581 AD ( Sui Dynasty), Chongqing was renamed to Yu Prefecture .

In 1102, the city was renamed Gong Prefecture.

In 1189, when Prince Zhao Dun of the Southern Song Dynasty was first made a king then coronated as Emperor Guangzong, he commented that it was "double/repeated happy celebration", so renamed Yu Prefecture to Chongqing Subprefecture.

In 1362 ( Yuan Dynasty), Ming Yuzhen, a peasant rebel leader, established Daxia Kingdom at Chongqing for a short time.

In 1621, another short-lived kingdom of Daliang was established there.

In 1891, Chongqing became the first inland commerce port open to foreigners.

Since 1929, Chongqing was a municipality of the Republic of China. Chongqing was the provisional capital of the government of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek during World War II ( Second Chinese-Japanese War).

In 1954, the municipality was reduced to a provincial city of the People's Republic.

In March 14, 1997, the original Chongqing City was promoted to the status of Municipality(It's the same level with a province/state).

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